Love Text Messages for Him or Her - Ways to Say I Love You

I love you text messages that make your heart melt! 

Show how much you really care about that special someone in your life by sending them a love text message.  Keep the fires burning and text the romance back into your relationship with a sms message perfect for him or her. Nothing can be more direct than using I love you text messages. They are romantic and sincere. Sending mini digital love notes to your partner will make them feel special and deeply appreciated. 

1. With my whole heart for my whole life I love you. 

2. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you, was completely out of my control. 

3. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to utter I love you, one last time. 

4. I love my life because it gave me you. I love you because you are my life. 

5. I love you for who you are on the inside ... all that sexy on the outside is just a bonus. 

6. You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.  

7. Without you I am incomplete.  

8. I remember the first time I saw you ... my heart whispered "She's the one." 

9. You have my heart, keep it safe. 

10. I finally got my past, present, and future tenses correct today: I love you, I loved you, and I will love you forever and always! 

11. Please let me know what I did to deserve you ... I want to make sure I keep on doing it. Love you XOXO

12. Let's stay this way forever. I love you. 

13. Every day I love you

14. I got an x ray 2day they found u in my heart. The doctor said if they took u out i would die bcoz i could not live with out u!

15. True love begins where there is nothing expected.

16. In case you didn't know, I'll be loving you always and forever!

17. Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!

18. Your love is all I'll ever need.

19. You are the center of my world. And for that, I am thankful each day.

20. Even though we are apart, my love you will never part.

21. You are on my mind now and always.

22. I love you more with each passing day.

23. -<-@ A rose for you Because I love you

24. If I could describe you in one word, I'd call you my life. 

25. I love my eyes when U look into them, I love my name when U say it, I love my life when U are in it.  

26. 1 min, 1 hr, 1 day, 1 wk, 1 month, 1 yr, no matter how long, I'll treasure the times we've spent together!

27. 3 words made my heart beat faster, 3 words made my legs shake 3 words made my head spin, 3 words: I love you!

28. A butterfly needs its wings ... a polar bear needs cold weather and I ... I need you!


29. A day without your love is a day without life.  

30. A dream costs nothing unless you want it to come true

31. I love you more than I did yesterday but not more than I will tomorrow.

32. You are the reason I wake up with a smile. You are on my mind 24X7.

33. If I were to rephrase the alphabets, I’d keep ‘U’ & ‘I’ together.

34. All my dreams came true the day I met you! Need I say more, I love you!

35. Thinking about you is like breathing. It can’t stop and it’s essential for my survival.

36. To be with you is all I desire, to hold you is all I hope for, to love you is all I dream of!

37. If I could describe love in one word, I’d call it you!

38. To keep our love alive, I need 1) you 2) me 3) our hearts for eternity.

39. Roses are red, violets are blue, you are for me and I am for you!

40. I’ll hold your hand if you let me, I’ll kiss you if you let me but I’ll love you no matter what you tell me!

41. You may be the one for me, but I’ll never know for sure unless you tell me!

42. Words begin with ABC, numbers begin with 123, and love begins with you and me.

43. You make my world go round!

44. For others, love is blind, but for me it isn't true, because when I fell in love, I saw you!

45. I asked for a tulip, I got a garden, I asked for a drop, I got the sea, I asked for love and you were sent to me!

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46. Like a jewel, true love is rare to find, but I'm lucky because I found you!  

47. You've changed my life for the better. I am inspired to be different when I’m with you!

48. I would move mountains and swim across oceans to be in your presence.

49. You are always in my heart.

50. You make my heart melt!

51. My life shines when you are with me.

52. You bring out the best in me.

53. Je t’aime beaucoup! ( I love you in French)

54. You are the reason I am on cloud 9.

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55. I may sound cheesy when I say I'll love you forever, but those words help me describe the exact feelings I have for you!  

56. We may fight and we may cry, but we’ll get back, I’ll tell you why- because you are the reason I’ll survive.

57. If I told you I couldn't live without you, would you know I’m trying to tell you that I love you?

58. Your name written in sand was washed away, your name in the sky blew away, but your name is now in my heart, where it’ll stay!

59. If I could hold you forever, I would, if I could look at your forever, I would, if I could be with you forever, I would!

60. We are meant to be together.

61. I love you and you love me, in my heart you’ll always be, here or there, near or far, my love will be wherever you are!

62. I found love when I found you.

63. Even though we are far apart, my love for you will feed on the distance between us and only grow!

64. My love for you is like the stars, invisible sometimes but always available if you look for it with all your heart!

65. You make me smile and you make me cry, but if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know what to do!

66. My life is dedicated to you!

67. I'm afraid to close my eyes for I don't want to miss seeing you, even if it's for one second!  

68. If love was a song, I’d sing it with you, if love was a game, I’d play it with you but if love was a person, I’m sure it would be you!

69. You were chosen for me to love among the rest because I would love you the best!

70. Love teaches you until you learn, even if it takes long, it takes you where you belong!

71. When we are together, I feel better, stay with me forever, so I always feel safer!

72. Your love is like the sun for me. It keeps me alive and it makes me glow!

73. Grow old with me! ...... The best is yet to come...

74. Hearts could only love for a while, feets could only walk for some miles, clothes won't 4ever be in style, but having U as my 'lover' is 4ever worthwhile....

75. Heaven is the place where I would be, the day you would stop loving me!

76. How can it be that I am sad and happy at the same time ... it's because I know ... that you aren't back until tomorrow

77. I am looking for a word. I am looking for a whole new word. I am looking for a word. I am looking for a word that nobody knows. I am looking for a word. I am looking for a word that says...that you are the best !!!

78. I appreciate all the things you do, and the way you show you care.

79. I asked God 4 a flower, he gave me a garden. Asked 4 a tree, he gave me a forest. Asked 4 a river, he gave me an ocean. Asked 4 a friend, he gave me you

80. I can't think of anything but you.

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81. I feel something in my heart, it's like a little flame, every time I see you, this flame lights up, this flame is special for you, because I LOVE YOU!  

82. I hope that you finally understand, that I will love you until the end, because your not just my girl, you are also my best friend!

83. I know its wrong 4 me 2 fall 4 u, but i cant get through it & if choosing right means letting u go...then let me be wrong 4ever...

84. I love the 'y' i love the 'u' i love the 'o' put them together and i love 'you'.

85. I love three things: the sun, the moon and you, the sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever.

86. I love two things, a rose and you. A rose for a short while, but you the rest of my life

87. I love you even more than when I started this sentence.

88. I love you more than all the tea in China.

89. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

90. I love you so much !

91. I love you! From the earth till the moon!

92. I wanted to send you all my love but the postman said it was too big !!!!!


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